Dale, Work Experience

My experience with The Jack Kane Community Centre was an experience that I vastly loved and needed.  Every day was exciting and filled with things to do, and not once did I ever feel bored.  I enjoyed my induction as it was a great chance to see everyone’s roles, how things like the photocopier and shredder work and to make sure I was understanding of everything to do with health and safety.  I was extremely nervous for my first time with a group, Tuesday’s Smooth Movers, but the kids were very easy to talk to and to help.  It was great to see how Davie runs a group, and to pick up tips on how to address the children.

The 426 Group was a different experience entirely, as there were more kids, they were younger, and the structure of the group was different.  They made my intro to them very easy to do as they listened, answered my question politely and enjoyed what I had to say.   I also enjoyed doing reflective diaries as this was the point where I was able to think thoroughly about the day and what I accomplished as part of being involved.

The day with Davie and Diane at St John’s was a very important experience for me as I was able to see how the early intervention works, with the Primary 6’s.   I felt Simon Berwick coming in to speak to the kids about his role with the school was fantastic as the children then recognised him and would feel comfortable coming to him with problems when they reach high school.   Simon also done a great job with the Smooth Moves Group, and even managed to change one kid’s mind about police officers by coming across really well.

Friday was an incredibly busy day, with the FU12s and The Crib running, it felt non-stop but in a great way,  I was excellent to see the centre in full swing and constantly thriving.  The Crib was extremely busy and I enjoyed every moment of that, it was challenging but I think that I revelled in this and came out much better for it.  My favourite part of the two weeks was definitely the Saturday Group, the kids were really mature and the evening was chilled.  I also really enjoyed working with Cameron and Kelsie as they’re both similar to my age and had similar ideas.

All in all I am extremely grateful for this opportunity as it was exactly the insight in to this line of work that I needed.  It would’ve been so easy for you to just have me continually shadowing staff members but you actually gave me the chance to lead group games and be really involved within them.

Thank you so much for this fantastic opportunity with the Jack Kane, I can’t wait to be a part of all the exciting things to come.