European Citizenship Glasgow March 2015

Emma Kyles, Senior Worker, has recently been on some European Citizenship Training in Glasgow. Continue reading to find out more about Emma’s amazing experience!


There are many ways to look at and think about European Citizenship, and the training course on this topic which took place in Glasgow 8-14th March provided the ideal space to do so.  With 23 participants represented from all corners of Europe, this training course focused upon the development of a critical, democratic and creative European Citizenship as an active, social, political and cultural role to construct a shared Europe, which supports the implementation and quality of the Erasmus+: Youth In Action programme of the European Union. Exploring concepts such as European citizenship, human rights and intercultural learning, this training course provided knowledge and skills to shape and influence the development of our intercultural work within the centre.  Highlights also of the training course included visiting projects in the Govan area of Glasgow, to see the seeds of transformation within the local reality, a night dedicated to traditional dance from all of the countries represented and sharing of good practice and developing new network opportunities to strengthen the link between youth organisations.

The training course was an amazing experience and provided the ideal environment to develop and share good practice in both a local and European level.  Key learning achieved through participation, will be implemented within a youth work group setting, on the theme of developing young people’s active involvement within the Erasmus + programmes.  To take forward the group work project key concepts such as European citizenship, and how this links into democracy, human rights and intercultural learning will be the key themes of group work with young people, aged 16-23years and be used to develop their knowledge and awareness as well as shape future applications to Erasmus+ for key action 1; youth exchange and also possibly key action 2 and sport.  In addition, experience gained will also be shared with young people to encourage young volunteers and youth workers to take up opportunities to enhance their practice through Salto youth.

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