Reflective Comments and Thank You from a Young Person at The Crib

Below is reflective comments and a thank you from a young female, who attends The Crib.

I dinnae know where I would be without this club, probably getting into trouble. It teaches you so much stuff; it’s not just a youth club. Like you ask us if we want to cook and stuff which is teaching us skills for our lives.

I just noticed how much respect everyone has for each other.

Even though everybody has their bad days, like me last week.

I feel like I belong to something, like people actually respect me here. You’s should get more money coz I don’t think people realize how much you’s do for us.

If I win lots of money. I would give the money to you’s. I don’t even look at you’s as youth workers; I just look at you’s as older pals that have more experience in life.

You’s actually ask for nothing back except maybe for us to say thanks. Some people here can’t even do that. I used to be like that but you’s stuck with me and I appreciate so much. It’s almost like we are one big family! Everybody gets along.

People don’t realize what you’s do. Its sounds so cringe but it’s the truth and it’s the way I feel.

I feel you’s offer us so much like food, pool, sports hall and dancing, and you don’t even ask for money for us to get in.

In the past I had a tough time and I didn’t realize you’s actually helped with everything that was happening. I just want to say thank you.